The Maggini Foundation

Named after one of the most famous luthiers of the Brescian School - Giovanni Paolo Maggini (1581–1632) - the Foundation was established in 1991 by Luzius Wernly.

The Maggini Foundation is able to provide musicians with a wide array of many high-quality string instruments, mainly of french and italian origin. Since we want our offer to be as accessible as possible, we are happy to keep our renting prices low in order to kickstart and help the careers of upcoming or already established musicians and students. The minimum renting period is 2 months, but can go up to several years, should you wish to rent an instrument for long term. 

Our instruments present new worlds of sound and possibilities not only for young and gifted string musicians but to everyone that wishes to enrich their artistry with an outstanding instrument. We strongly believe a good instrument to be an integral part of any artistic development.