Information for owners

The Maggini Foundation only rents out instruments in good condition, of which a certificate and a current insurance value estimate are available. 

Instrument insurance:
The instrument is insured by the owner. A clarification with the appropriate insurance company is necessary for a rental by the Maggini Foundation. It is possible to include the instrument in the policy of the Maggini Foundation with the AON Insurance Zurich. The annual fee (request for premium rates) will either be invoiced to the owner or deducted from the rental fees in the case of an already successful rental.

The Maggini Foundation takes care of the rental and maintenance of the instrument and works very closely with the Atelier Girardin, Fortin & Petermann in Neuchâtel for violins and violas and with the cello maker Jürg Buchwalder in Basel for cellos. However, other violin makers or ateliers can be appointed by the owner.
The Lessees are allowed to change the strings and the chinrest on their own. All other repairs, alterations and check-ups must be done by a selected professional luthier with the owner's permission. The Lessee is obliged to bring the instrument to a professional luthier for inspection every six months or year, the latter being asked to send a short condition report to the Maggini Foundation. Only the Lessee himself is allowed to play the instrument.
Before returning the instrument to the Foundation, the Lessee must bring it to a professional luthier for a final check-up and cleaning. 

Girardin, Fortin & Petermann, Benjamin Brandeleer
Photo: Atelier Girardin, Fortin & Petermann, Neuchâtel (2024)
f.l.t.r. Alan Petermann, Monica Fortin and Benjamin Brandeleer (with the violin made by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Paris, 1835-1840 , no. 1187  from the Segelman Trust collection)


Monthly rental fee: The amount is defined on the condition, sound and a current insurance value estimate of the instrument. In the case of a successful rental, the owner receives a percentage of the rental fee and a commission is going to the Maggini Foundation.

Leasing agreement: A contract between the Foundation and the owner is signed (request for sample contract).
Additional conditions or changes can be easily added. In case of a successful rental, a leasing agreement is signed between the Foundation and the Lessee, which will be forwarded to the owner so that the latter is informed at all times about the location of the instrument. The Maggini Foundation places great importance to the anonymity of the owners towards the Lessees and others.

Rental period and notice periods: In general, the minimum rental period for the tenant is 2-6 months (it depends on the instrument) and the notice period is 1 month. If the instrument is rented out, a notice period of 4 months applies for the owner and for the Maggini Foundation. Otherwise the Maggini Foundation and the owner agree on a date.