Rental conditions for musicians

Request :

If you want to know which instruments are currently available for rent, please write us an e-mail with the following information:

  • A short introduction and your CV
  • What kind of instrument are you currently playing?
  • What kind of instrument are you looking for?
  • Why do you want to rent an instrument (audition, concert, competition, etc.)?
  • What would be your monthly budget?
  • ​Ask for the list specifically in order to get a PDF file with a selection of available instruments suitable for your needs. 

Please note that the list might change on short notice due to previously fixed appointments with other interested parties. We cannot guarantee for all the instruments on our list to be available at the time of your appointment.


  • The instrument may only be  used in the following countries or regions: European Union, Switzerland and United Kingdom. You are not allowed to travel to other countries without authorisation from the Foundation’s office.
  • You know how to take care of a valuable, old string instrument. 

Preparation for the appointment:

  • Please send an e-mail of your curriculum vitae and, if possible, a letter of recommendation from your professor or other references.
  • Please bring your passport and, if necessary, your residence permit.
  • To confirm your current address, please bring a copy of a bill from a provider of gas, water or electricity or an official confirmation of residence from your place of residence. The document should not be older than three months.
  • Please bring a copy of your personal liability insurance. This insurance covers damages arising from your own negligence.
  • Please bring an empty case,your bow and your shoulder rest.

Important information about the monthly rental fee, general costs and return:

  • The insurance costs for the instrument is included in the monthly rental fee.   
  • The rental fee for the first month must be paid via TWINT or with debit / credit card (see below) when you receive the instrument.
  • During the rental period you will bear all costs arising from the use of the instrument (strings, cleaning, repair).
  • Twice a year you must have the instrument checked and cleaned by a luthier chosen in consultation with the Foundation's office at your expense and send a short condition report via email.
  • For marketing purposes and for the interested instrument owners, please share your achievements, photos and/or concert or CD recordings with us. 
  • ​At the end of the rental contract, you must return the instrument personally in Basel, cleaned and with new strings.
  • The final cleaning and check-up must be done by a luthier chosen in consultation with the Foundation's office at your expense.