A selection of violins

Below are some pictures of a selection of our violins. There are more instruments in our Foundation.
Please contact us via e-mail about the entire selection of the violins and their availability.

Nicolò Amati, Cremona, 1645 (rented out)

Lorenzo Storioni, Cremona, 1788 (not available)

Giovanni Paolo Maggini, Brescia, 16.. (rented out)


Carlo Antonio Testore, Milano, 1730 (available)



More available violins:

Tommaso Carcassi, Firenze 1751

Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Paris, 1863 No. 2524, Le Messie

Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Paris, c. 1848-50, No. 1843

Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Cannon, Paris, c. 1870

Attr. to Giovanni Paolo Maggini, Brescia, undated, known as the Dumas

Ferdinando Gagliano, Napoli, 1785

Nicolo Gagliano, Napoli, c. 1750

Alessandro Gagliano, Napoli, 1720

Giovanni Battista Rogeri, Brescia, 1690–1700

Antonius Hieronimus fr. Amati, Cremona, 1590

Nicolò Amati, Cremona, 1658

and more...